Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day.

So today was a bit of a bust. As I begin this series of "A Week in the Life" posts, I have to tell you that this was not exactly a typical day. Eli's cold got worse as the day wore on, and so did my exhaustion. But it's still us. And it's still a week. And it's still our life. So here goes.

E awoke around 9am, which I stress, is ONLY because he was up all night crying in my lap, and then dozed off around 5:30am to get some real sleep. Usually we are up with the sun. So once he was up, we got started with breakfast and "toons". First breakfast usually entails dry cereal, raisins, and a banana with a glass of milk. This takes place at the coffee table whilst watching Thomas the Train, repetitious and stressed out little engine that he is, and sometimes E likes to mix it up with a little Bob the Builder, or the Noggin toon of the hour. You will find me sleepily sipping my coffee and if I can, reading a blog, or a newspaper, or a bit of my Bible, or whatever book I am currently into. We then feed the kittens, and play outside for a little while. And then about an hour later, we start cookin' up what we like to call Second Breakfast. (We learned this from the Hobbits.) This is usually some mixture of vanilla yogurt, strawberries, toast, and the occasional scrambled egg.
By this time, although I am still clinging to my mug and the wonderful idea of my fresh, and now free (thank you, Starbucks) morning coffee, I am up and running, planning my day with excitement and in great anticipation of what Fall has on tap for us.
However, today, due to a sad, sad, stuffy-nosed boy and his very sleepy mama, all we managed to accomplish was some coloring and extremely low-key, practically slow motion playing.

At one point though, we did muster up the energy to boogie down to a new favorite song of ours from Norway (see picture of E above...he's boogie-ing), introduced to us by our dear cousin, Paige, who just happens to be studying in France. She is privvy to the hippest, hoppin'-est tunes in Europe, and she is not bashful about it. And as I am now a country mama who cannot make head nor tail of the September issue of Vogue, and who is so out of every loop of trendy clothing, and cool design, and fun music, that I used to fancy quite a bit, this is a major development. I am so grateful. As are my dancin' shoes.

I also had tutoring in the evening, which E loves, because I work with a young woman who lives on an amazing farm. During our time there, E gets to feed apples to horses, chase chickens, hold kittens, romp with puppies, point at and simultaneously scream at trucks and tractors, and play with some cool antique toy trucks that pretty much knock his little baby socks off. All the while, I get to help an awesome girl with her homeschooling. It's a win-win, even when we're tired and not in perfect health.
So that was Monday. Not too shabby, considering. And the nice thing about getting through one day with a cold, is that you're one day closer to feeling better. And hopefully one night closer to a more extended period of sweet sleep.....
Night' night' everyone. oxox


Holly! said...

Excellent yogurt picture :)

Paige said...

WOOT WOOT! I get a mention (boooyah!)
Meggie, I continue to love the blog, it's like having a conversation with you even though we are far apart. Hope your household is finally feeling better...