Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Week in the Life: The Lemay Edition

Whew!! I look at that last post, written from the edge of vacationland, looking down the road into the forseen, extreme, non-vacationland, and I can conjure up those same emotions all over again. But with the summer distancing herself from us more and more with each passing chilly morning, I am rising from ashes of espresso grounds, and appearing to you now, through a puff of powdered sugar smoke.

In the last few weeks I dove headfirst into a new job at Starbucks, made several cakes for weddings and birthdays and anniversaries, began a part-time tutoring job, and continued the unending and mostly amazing saga that is motherhood.

I apologize, again, for how I have been dragging my feet through blogland. I stop by daily to read the blogs I love, but leave without writing anything of my own, usually however it is because I am leaping across the room to stop a certain toddler from tossing a dvd as if it were a frisbee, (or insert your own toddlerish mischief here), etc...

However, I have been inspired by a fellow blogger ( to do a little project this week that will hopefully get the blog up and running again. Starting tomorrow I will be documenting a week in our life, Monday to Sunday. So much is happening everyday. Elias is talking and playing and being HILARIOUS, (and eating WHOLE apples, and playing swords with sticks, and diving head first down steep hills at state parks....eeeek! I'll show you the aftermath), and it really needs to be documented. Who will do it, if I don't get up off my crazed, lazed arse?

So as they say, "ready, steady,....GO!"

(Oh, and here are some of the promised pictures from the absolutely wonderful August, Invasion of the Inlaws...Okay so I cannot figure out how to get the pictures to come to the bottom of the post. So there they are, up there....E saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. It was so sad. He cried. For a long time...E and Grandma Bev looking at the polar bears at the zoo, the giraffes, and E wearing Grandpa Bob's shoes. He also started calling Grandpa Bob 'Pop-pop' while they were here. Tremendously cute.)