Friday, October 10, 2008

Edit: "A Week in the Crazy-Mom, Sick-Toddler Life"

Alright, so it's Friday. Wednesday and Thursday, I couldn't even type. Why, you ask? Several factors were involved, however, I will say that the main one was that I have had the shakes. The shakes?!?! Yes, the shakes. From drinking mug after mug of coffee in attempt to keep my eyelids from closing down so hard that I can no longer see the toddler, who although is sick and absolutely unable to sleep by night, still, by some miracle has the energy of a mole by day. Like the kind of mole who lives in my backyard, digging and digging and digging in his blind, hurried urgency all day long until I have barely a blade of grass left to call yard. Like that.
So we will start over next week, hopefully in a more lovely, adventurous, Autumn week, with lots of pictures to see and stories to tell. And it works out perfectly, because Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving!! What a perfect way to kick off the week! I am going to spend the weekend preparing for a giant delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and I will teach Eli about how he gets two Thanksgivings, because he is both Canadian and American. And we will learn about being grateful for the Harvest!!! I will be back later to share more about our weekend. Today I don't have to work, so I plan to get some groceries, maybe hit up an Apple orchard, and try to regain some portion of my sanity and some order in this house. My mama is coming tonight, and will watch E tomorrow while I work. Sunday we're going to a Barn Bash, so there should be some good photos to share. And it's a costume party, so look out for extremely cute dressed up babies!!!


Holly! said...

Poor tired mama! Good luck with the baby...I hope he feels better soon so you can sleep!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

This is great Megan! I love getting caught up. I hope all are feeling better and rested!