Monday, August 11, 2008

The Moody Blues....and not the band.

It's Monday, and it shows. Despite this absolutely un-August-y, completely lovely fall-ish weather we're having, and despite the fact that my most favorite summer sound ever, that perfectly high-pitched chirp that the crickets make late in the season, is filling the air with sweet music, and even despite the rare and wonderful lavendar scented bath I got to take while Eli napped, I have a sinking feeling.

You see, last week my in-laws were here from Canada. And I am crazy for them. Ever since my husband and I dated, they have welcomed me into their lives like an adopted child. It's not often that I laugh so hard, as I do when we are all together. And now with Eli here, everything seems to have so much more meaning, and the memories created are so sweet.

So, we had a wonderful week, which I will tell you all about in detail soon, but for now I will just say that the reality of life as usual has set in. Partly, because I have to head back to work tonight, as well as bake a giant wedding cake that I am a little nervous about. But also partly because whenever I get the privilege of spending quality time with my family who live so far away, I am forced to remember that when the vacation ends, we will not see them again for months. And with Eli growing and becoming more aware of people and his relationship to them, it's so much harder to say goodbye. Now it's not just me and Grandma Bev who cry upon departure, it's me and Grandma Bev, AND Eli. It's heart-wrenching to say the least.

There are far worse things than a bummer of a Monday, and our blessings far outweigh any disappointments in this life. And like so many times before, the sinking feeling will pass, and everything will be, of course, fine. But I thought I would post a happy picture to brighten my Monday, and yours. oxox

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Kate said...

That IS a happy picture. And some very real reasons to feel the Monday blues, too. My folks live just one house (which is almost always lovely) away, and everytime we talk about jumping ship for somewhere else, it is hard to outweigh the grandparent factor. Maybe start sending each other "Eli vidoes" a to-and-from sort of digital postcard so everyone remembers and relishes in the voices, the antics, and the other little nuances of non-vacation life;)