Monday, June 25, 2007

ten weeks later...

Ten weeks passes us all by in the blink of an eye, but in baby years this is quite a lengthy span of time, which brings me to my apology....sorry everybody. While baby Eli has been rapidly growing, we have been struggling through a sort of technological breakdown. A broken computer, a new computer, Windows Vista, and Verizon Wireless, (not necessarily in that order) were voraciously working together to ensure that the Lemays could not merge onto the Information Superhighway that some like to call the Internet. But we cannot be stopped. It is the year 2007, my own mother can take pictures of me with her telephone; so how is it that gigantic multi-billion dollar companies cannot coordinate the release of a new computer program with software that is actually compatible with such said computer program?

And not only can they not coordinate such events, but they ask you to continue to pay for a service which you cannot use until they finish updating their software to be compatible with the new computer program, which, by the way, the entire world knew was coming and maybe could have been preparing for.

But I digress. This blog is not for me to rant about my problems, and the problem has indeed been solved. And so we are back. Baby Eli is in the running for the longest baby on earth. He is in the 70th percentile for weight, however for height, there is no percentage for him. Off the charts, like a true Shiverdecker. It's in the blood, and so we are planning to invest in a second refridgerator (just kidding,... kind of), and perhaps buy some stock in the Big and Tall store(again, only kidding).

He is also gaining cuteness by the minute. He now laughs and says da da da da da da, etc... He can play in the exersaucer thing-a-ma-gig. He finally loves a good bath. He still likes the television, in fact, with an increasing love for noggin, (a channel on our cable that has an irresistably cute moose who teaches us about family and colors and spanish and patterns. Mommy and Eli watch, while Daddy begs and pleads for possession of the remote control. hee hee)
He is wearing mostly 9 mos. clothes, but needs 12 mos. pj's due to his staggering height!

He has started to roll, choosing to practice mainly in his crib around 3am, at which time he cries, no, screams, because he cannot roll back over. This happens about 5 times before I move him to the pack n' play in our room, and about 5 more times until I give in and brew myself a pot of coffee and call it a night. I assume this will be temporary, as all things baby usually are, and so I am attempting to enjoy each roll and its accompanying scream. It is becoming a rather comical event, and if I weren't so darn tired I'd probably be able to work up a chuckle or two. Probably the most hilarious part of it all is that during the day, I put the child on a blanket on the floor and put the most enticing toy just a roll's reach away. He looks over at the toy, smiles, and goes about his business, lying flat on his back! This makes me jokingly shake my fist at the sky.

I mentioned his new found laughter. It is unbelievably adorable. The kind of laughter that a mommy will go crazy for. And so I have made it my mission to find at least one thing each day that makes Eli giggle. If the fly on my wall could talk, I would be embarrassed for him to tell you of the lengths I have gone to make my baby laugh. My good friend Jenny calls it "baby comedy" and it is an art form that not all can master. A baby rarely laughs at the same thing twice. Yes, just like lightning. And this is precisely where it gets tricky. But I am in it to win it. He makes this face when he is just about to laugh. You have to see it. I actually caught it on film by holding the camera over us while I kissed his belly, or if you are familiar with Cosby Show-speak, it was really more of a zerbert to the belly. I had tried this before with no luck. But finally at the ripe old age of 5 and 1/2 mos., he could see the hilarity of a good zerbert.

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