Thursday, April 5, 2007

baby's blogging debut

"What's that?" you say, "a baby who blogs?!?"

Well, kind of. A baby-inspired blog, rather. You see this baby, named Elias, has grandmas and grandpas and aunties and uncles all over North America who want to see him and hold him and know what he is up to, and they cannot.

a. because they live far away.

b. because their son and daughter and/or nephew and neice are wretched at keeping in touch.

and c. because life is not fair, and we cannot all be neighbors and live on the same street, which would be so cool. And if we could, some say it should be on a Canadian street, because Canadian streets are clearly superior. But then it would be called a Rue, and that is my mom's name, which would be confusing.

Thus, we have started a blog. Here we can tell you what we do everyday, and post pictures of our adventures.

Just to get us started I will reveal to you one of Eli's latest developments. I like to call it "tired, grumpy, Eli". This baby, who apparently is not the first, hates to fall asleep. He is the Mike Tyson of sleep fighting. He battles clear to the end, but unfortunately for Eli, sleep always wins. It is difficult to watch, and getting more and more difficult to hold him and rock him during the fight. You would think it would be easier to just relax and fall asleep, but this is clearly coming from a tired mommy who has been around for a while. Baby has only seen the world for three short months, and he thinks that something terribly interesting might happen while he takes his nap. This possibility, to Eli, is so so sad.

These pictures show the progression that takes place at nearly every nap. "Angry baby" turns to "thinking about letting this pacifier calm me down baby", and then, the inevitable...."asleep baby".

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